The Power of Mobile Web

There are over 6 billion mobile subscribers world-wide, which translates to approximately 87 percent of the global population! In North America, 55 percent of internet users accessed sites using a mobile device. A surprisingly large number ó 31 percent ó of these mobile internet users say that's the primary way they access the web. This is a large and growing audience whose needs aren't being met by traditional desktop experiences.

Have you ever tried to connect to a business web page that isnít mobile friendly? Itís rarely a good experience, and is certain to inspire the visitor to click to a competitor site that is. Although many large businesses have websites that are "mobile friendlyĒ small and medium sized businesses do not.

Assuming this trend will continue, and evidence clearly indicates that to be the case, itís a good bet that almost every business will a mobile version of their webpage within the next year so as to not miss our on the growing number of mobile surfers, searchers, and purchasers.