How much does a website cost ? ...


Every customer and every website is different. Factors such as the number of pages, the complexity of the site, custom logos and graphics, animation, photo scanning, and programming all combine to influence the ultimate cost of your site.

Web design is a fairly labour intensive service, and of course, time is money. Which is not to say that you can't find bargains out there, but as with many other things in life, you usually get what you pay for.

We suggest that you consult with a web designer/s at the beginning of the process.  This ensures that your website designer understands your requirements and expectations.  It also helps to focus your efforts.  Come prepared by finding sample website/s that may be similar in design or functionality to what you require.  Also consider what type of resources you will need to devote to the project, for example providing good quality photographs and text for the web pages.  After a consultation, you will receive a detailed breakdown and cost estimate/s.



What are your payment options? ...


Accepted forms of payment include cheque, eTransfers, or Paypal/Visa/Mastercard (online).

For a website project, a deposit of 30% is required before the project commences, with final payment due upon web launch.


I'm planning a website, but I don't know where to start ? ...


  • Consider what you would like the website to accomplish for your business. This will help with goal-planning.
  • Research competitor or related websites. Make note of the designs and features that you like (or that you don't like.)
  • Gather your current marketing materials ie. business card, logo, brochures, photos ...
  • You are now ready for a consultation with a website designer. The initial consultations are usually at no charge, but check to be sure.
  • The website designer will guide you through the process, and will provide a proposal and cost estimate.
  • In most cases, the client is responsible for providing the text and photos for the website design. If you need help preparing these materials, be sure to allow time and budget for arranging these services.


I can use a D.I.Y. website builder, why should I pay a website designer ? ...


Some people have the desire and persistence to learn how to create a website, or they may have a friend or relative with web design skills. Some business owners prefer to work with a specialist for the design and development of their website.

Working with a professional ensures that:

  • ongoing support after the site is launched
  • the site is strategic, with measurable goals designed to meet your business needs
  • your site conveys a professional image that  appeals to your target audience
  • the images and coding are optimized for fast page downloads
  • there are no barriers to access (ie. browser incompatibility, lack of readability)
  • it is in compliance with applicable legislation.


How will updates get done on my website ? ...


Businesses can choose whether they would like to update their own site, or if a maintenance package is appropriate (or a combination.) If a business is updating their site regularly, or has very time-sensitive needs, then a content-management system (software to make web-editing easier) is appropriate. InfoLink provides training and support for content management systems that we have installed.

Included in InfoLink web hosting packages is up to 1/2 hour of updates/year at no cost. Additional time is billed at $40/hour. Arrangements can be made for Web Care packages, for those clients with an ongoing need for services such as web maintenance, custom design, web marketing ...


I'm not sure if Facebook or Twitter would benefit my business ...


User expectations on the web have moved from the two dimensional static web site, to the three dimensional world of social engagement and interaction. However, social media takes time and requires a strategic plan in order to yield benefits.

Discuss the pros and cons with your web designer, who may be able to suggest which media will most effectively reach your target audience, and how to maximize your results.


What are the ongoing costs of maintaining a website ?


There are 3 items that can incur ongoing costs:

Domain registration. Annual fee is $25 (if InfoLink registers your own domain.)

Web hosting. Web hosting rates range from $9.95 to $34.95/month, depending on the size of the site and the options selected.

Updates or changes. Sites that require frequent updates are usually maintained by the client, using content management software (CMS). Sites that require occasional updates may have a maintenance package that covers up to half hour/year at no cost. The rate for additional updates or changes is $40/hour. If a requested change will exceed 3 hours, your written approval is required before the work is undertaken.


I'm confused by all these Web Terms ...


Does it feel like you're learning a new language? The Web realm can be baffling, with all the technical terms and rapidly changing technology. We have attempted to clarify some of the terms most commonly used in the development, marketing and support of web sites.  Some of the most common terms that you will encounter are:

Domain: The unique address/name for a website ie. mysite.com.  Common domain extensions include .com (commercial), .ca (canada), .net (network), .org (organization). 

Hosting: A storage facility (data centre) for website files. This ensures security and high-speed access to your web files.

WordPress: Popular software that is used to create websites.  It also enables non-technical users to make web page updates.

CMS (content management system): Software used on the internet that enables non-technical users to make web page updates. WordPress is one example, others are Drupal, Wix ... 

Hits: This is a term sometimes used to refer to the number of visits to a web page.  It can also mean how many times the web files have been accessed (which can amount to many hits per page). More accurate terms are "impressions" or"page views", "user sessions", and "unique visitors".


Does InfoLink register Domains ? ...


InfoLink registers domain names, and manages the annual renewals. Your business or organization is the owner of domains that we register on your behalf. You can transfer these to a different domain registrar if desired. Domain name registrations are $25/year.

Common domain types include .com, .ca, .net, .org.  We can help you search availability, and decide on the most appropriate selections.

BEWARE OF FAKE DOMAIN NAME RENEWAL NOTICES. Some companies practice 'domain slamming' by monitoring domain names coming up for renewal and soliciting transfers. Transferring your domain can cause complications. Contact InfoLink to be sure you are fully aware of the implications before agreeing to any transfer.


What is web hosting ? ...


A web hosting service makes a website accessible via the World Wide Web. The website files are stored in a secure data centre with high-speed access to the backbone of the Internet.

InfoLink can arrange web hosting and support for the sites that we design.  Web hosting rates range from $9.95 to $34.95/month, depending on the size of the site, the traffic volume, and the options selected.

As a value-added feature, for local businesses we include a premium listing on the high-traffic Prince-edward-county.com website (value of $75/year), and 1/2 hour of maintenance / support per year (value of $20).


Does InfoLink provide training ? ...


InfoLink provides the following training:

How to maintain your website using a content management system that InfoLink has installed on your site. Specifically we specialize in WordPress and SiteApex content management systems.

Social media coaching and setup, including Facebook, Wordpress blogs, and online newsletters. We also offer workshops on topics such as web marketing, social media ... 


If I transfer my website to InfoLink, can I keep my domain name? ...


Yes, your domain name can be pointed to the new location of your website files. You should have a login to manage your domain name. If not, ask your current provider for this information as it will be required to make this changeover.


Who owns the website ? ...


This is a question that you should ask your web designer to be clear about your rights. There are 3 components to a website:

The domain name/s - The client's business or organization should be registered as the domain owner (registrant.) It is important that a domain name is registered correctly, as it requires a legal process to change the ownership. A domain is an asset of the business.

The images and page content - The web page images and content belong to the client. Copies of files can be provided upon request (provided that the account is in good standing.) You also have the option of making a backup of your website files, through the website's control panel.

The scripts and software that provide functionality on the web: Clients have non-exclusive use of scripts and software during the time that the website is hosted with InfoLink. If the hosting is transferred to another provider, the scripts and software may not be transferable.


I need good quality images for my website, but my budget is limited ...


The quality of images in a website significantly impacts on the impression it will make. Your images can be supplemented with royalty-free stock images. We suggest bigstockphoto.com or pixabay.com, for a great selection and reasonable rates. Some stock images may be included in your design package.

Depending on the type of site and competition, you may need to consider professional photography. The difference in the end result can't be overstated, and the photos can also be used for other marketing materials such as rack cards, brochures, flyers.


How long will it take to design my website ? ...


Website development is a collaborative process. In general, for a small business website allow about 1-2 weeks after you have provided InfoLink with your photos and text.  You will be required to provide timely feedback during the process.


Can I track the hits to my website ? ...


Awstats is a web activity tracking tool that is included with standard InfoLink hosting packages. It keeps a detailed ongoing record of visits, which pages are viewed the most, and how visitors found your site. This is a valuable tool for measuring the impact of marketing campaigns, and for making educated decisions about website adjustments.

Google Analytics is also an option. Google Analytics is a very powerful web activity tracking tool that can be added as a option to any InfoLink hosting packages.






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